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Hyde Park - [L2 OFF INT] L2 Gaming [x70]

ReklamoDawca - 2012-01-14, 11:29
Temat postu: [L2 OFF INT] L2 Gaming [x70]

World of Ashton is a private server running on a Lineage 2 OFF Platform without customized items.
The difficulty of the server is medium; the gameplay is focused on both sides PvE and PvP.

Server Machine
Processor Model: [size=7pt][color=#000]Intel Xeon L5640, 4-Core[/color][/size]
RAM Count: [size=7pt][color=#000]12GB DDR3[/color][/size]
Hard Drives: [size=7pt][color=#000]Intel SSD X25-M 80 GB[/color][/size]
Internet Connection: [size=7pt][color=#000]1 Gbps[/color][/size]

Retail Information
Chronicle:[size=7pt] [color=#000]Interlude[/color][/size]
Experience: [size=7pt][color=#000]70x[/color][/size]  Skill Points:[size=7pt][color=#000]70x[/color][/size]   Adena: [size=7pt]150x[/size]
Enchant Rate Fighter [size=7pt][color=#000]55%[/color][/size]   Enchant Rate Mage [size=7pt][color=#000]44%[/color][/size]
Auto Learn: [size=7pt][color=#000]All skills are auto learn[/color][/size]
Augmentation System: [size=7pt][color=#000]100% working[/color][/size]
Cursed Weapon System: [size=7pt][color=#000]100% working with boosted effects[/color][/size]
20 Level Penalty: [size=7pt][color=#000]Removed[/color][/size]
Buff Slots: [size=7pt][color=#000]24 buffing slots working properly[/color][/size]
Debuff Slots: [size=7pt][color=#000]10 debuffing slots working properly[/color][/size]
+6 Enchanted set effects: [size=7pt][color=#000]100% Working[/color][/size]
Olympiad System: [size=7pt][color=#000]100% Working[/color][/size]
Fusion Skills: [size=7pt][color=#000]100% Working[/color][/size]
Max. Level: [size=7pt][color=#000]80[/color][/size]

Custom Information

Description: [size=7pt][color=#000]Each time you win an PvP/PK your character will be rewarded with a Combat Box; double click on it to find out what is inside.[/color] [/size]

Description: [color=#000][size=7pt]There will be two types of events, Real Life Prizes Events and Ingame Prizes Events. Most of the Real Life Prizes events will request a registration fee. Extreme rewards include iPhone, iPod, Laptop.[/size] [/color]

Description: [size=7pt][color=#000]Lineage 2 Gaming developed its own anti exploit protection that will guarantee you an awesome gameplay, without corruption or hacks ingame.[/color] [/size]

Description: [size=7pt][color=#000]Boosted Areas are providing unique drops, special raid bosses and increased Exp/Sp. Ashton is based on 3 boosted areas.[/color][/size]

Easy Area - [size=7pt]Dragon Valley Caves Entrance[/size] (61+)
Medium Area - [size=7pt][color=#000]Dragon Valley Caves Heart[/color][/size] (76+)
Hard Area - [size=7pt]Ruins of Despair[/size] (80+)

Description: [color=#000][size=7pt]GM Shops between D and S-Grade, NPC Buffers up to 2nd class buffs.[/size] [/color]

Description: [color=#000][size=7pt]Subclass will be available without quest, you can find the items in GM Shop; for Noblesse you can buy in GM Shop the items, but the quest is retail-like. Barakiel respawn time is 2h.[/size] [/color]

Description: [color=#000][size=7pt]Augmentation Skills were balanced, redone in 8 new skills that you can obtain with a Life Stone.[/size] [/color]

Ashton Soul [color=#000]Increases your maximum MP.[/color]
Ashton Body [color=#000]Increases your maximum HP.[/color]
Ashton Shield [color=#000]Increases your maximum physical defense.[/color]
Ashton Magic [color=#000]Increases your maximum magical defense.[/color]
Ashton Agility [color=#000]Increases your maximum evasion.[/color]
Ashton Guidance [color=#000]Increases your maximum accuracy.[/color]
Ashton CP [color=#000]Increases your maximum CP. [/color]
Ashton Sprint [color=#000]Increases your maximum speed.[/color]


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